About Us

About S.E.M.T

Our Promises are Made Of Steel

Founded in 1993, Société d’Entreprise Maritime et Terrestre SARL is a full service turnkey provider, specialized in the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of steel structural works.  Expertly adjusting to the changing market dynamics, SEMT has successfully carried out a large number of industrial and residential steel projects across Lebanon. 

From concept and design, to product supply, manufacturing, and installation, SEMT is constantly gaining strength and experience by venturing into all types of light, medium, and heavy structural works, along with general fabrication and survey arrangements, all under one umbrella.

By drawing on an ever-increasing fleet of sophisticated machinery and exemplary equipment (floating cranes, barges, tugs, cranes, excavators, etc.), SEMT has been able to cover operations across on-shore and offshore oil & gas terminals, ensuring projects are up to par. At the heart of the organization also resides a team of experienced engineers, certified welders and welding inspectors, fitters, crane operators, tug captains, commercial divers and sailors who are ever committed to first-rate services.

With 25 years of expertise and hundreds of projects, SEMT strives to cater product innovation, engineering excellence, total quality management, and absolute customer satisfaction.