Commercial Steel Buildings

Commercial Steel Buildings


S.E.M.T is well placed to respond to various trends in the commercial steel sector, particularly when using industrial and offshore manufacturing technologies, especially in the medium to high commercial sector, where expertise, speed, and reliability of construction is crucial. Our team of experienced designers, engineers, certified welders, installers, fitters and workers, are ever committed to delivering luxury grade finishing.

At S.E.M.T, we constantly train and develop all our workers to handle all kinds of steel works that your commercial building might need, according to international norms and standards. Our commercial services include but are not limited to:

When it comes to commercial steel works, S.E.M.T has 25+ years of experience which ensures that we’ll give you expert solutions and the best practices for your all your needs. Our certified welders and welding inspectors have years of experience and tons of steel being welded!

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