Oil & Gas Steel Solutions​

Oil & Gas Steel Solutions​


By acquiring an ever growing fleet of sophisticated machinery and exemplary equipment, — floating cranes, barges, tugboats, cranes and excavators, just to name a few–, S.E.M.T has positioned itself as a leader in onshore and offshore oil & gas terminal servicing, ensuring projects are completed according to international norms and safety regulations. At the heart of the organization, resides our teams of experienced engineers, certified welders and welding inspectors, fitters, crane operators, tug captains, commercial divers and sailors, who are ever committed to delivering first grade services.

OFF Shore Services

ON Shore Services

For the past quarter of a decade, S.E.M.T has fiercely invested in its people, as well as in its equipment.  From training its expert divers and welders for the industry’s best practices and latest norms, to acquiring tug boats, barges, 50 tons cranes,  and underwater trenching machines. S.E.M.T made sure it has all the skills and tools to guarantee your oil & gas project, whether onshore or offshore, is completed in the most robust way, and according to international norms and standards. 

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