Design & Consultancy

Design & Consultancy


As a vast sphere of S.E.M.T’s activity, Design and Consultancy for Offshore Supply Bases covers different subareas of our work including but not limited to all weather jetties, Quay Wharf, Bulking & Liquid Mud Plans, and much more. With its broad portfolio of offshore services and extensive solutions expertise, S.E.M.T is a full-range design consultancy for the offshore supply base, offering solutions to maximize efficiency, reliability, and availability in all aspects of the sector.

Our knowledgeable engineers are trained and certified with the highest international accreditations and standards. We believe that their constant special education and training, play a crucial role in ensuring that our designs and solutions are the most efficient, technologically advanced, and  reliable. Our Design and Consultancy services include but are not limited to:

Having firmly believed in our people’s evolution, and invested in the latest equipment, we are able to guarantee that our work will be done  according to the highest world specifications every time.

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